Missing Rio


I’m getting burned out on winter and thinking about how it would be nice to go spend a few weeks (or months or years) in Brazil. I was looking through some old blog posts that I haven’t finished and I had started this one with these pictures. I don’t remember exactly what I was going to say about these pictures, probably nothing really important. I took this picture of Cristo Redentor “Christ the Redemer” from a very nice area of Rio called Santa Maria.


We actually drove up to the top of Corcovado via the narrow road mentioned in the link. When they say narrow, they are not joking. They don’t mention that the narrow road has many blind switchbacks with long steep drops over the side and no guard rails. My colleague who was kind enough to take me there is not the worlds greatest driver. We actually got lost on the way up and ended up at some type of park ranger station. I was very happy to make it to the parking area at the top.

It would not take much to convince me to go work in Rio, or Curitiba, or Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do Sul. If someone were to make me a reasonable offer to go there for a few years, I would be there. My Portuguese is not the greatest, but I am confident it would improve rapidly after spending a few months immersed in the language.

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