My Subscriptions

I have too much stuff to read. I currently have subscriptions to the following:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Daily)
  • IEEE Spectrum (Monthly)
  • IEEE Controls Magazine (Quarterly)
  • Money Magazine (Monthly)
  • National Geographic (Monthly)
  • Smart Money (Monthly)
  • Wired (Monthly)
  • AIST Iron and Steel Technology (Monthly)
  • This Old House Magazine (Monthly)

This is more than I can keep up with. When I was traveling all of the time it was different, I had time to kill on flights, between flights, etc. That is not the case now. Some of these I receive as part of a professional membership (IEEE, AIST). I would not have subscribed to Wired but received it for free for buying stuff at Amazon (It is an excellent mag, don’t get me wrong). I don’t read the National Geographic much, I just feel like it is a classic American publication and want to support it.

I just received a notification from American Airlines that some of my miles would be expiring and that I could use miles for magazine subscriptions and it would make my account current (how convenient is that). So, having no choice, I used miles to subscribe to The Economist, an absolutely outstanding (as I have noted here before) weekly publication. There is no way I am going to be able to keep up with it.

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