Which Decade Would You Choose?

I was watching something on TV the other day where a guy was accidentally sucked into something like a Einstein-Rosen Bridge and woke up in 1970 something. This got me thinking a little (it happens sometimes). If I were an engineer (I am) in approximately 1970:

  • I would not be typing this on my nice shiny Linux box for you to read over a global computer network.
  • I would not be using e-mail to communicate with people.
  • I would have to use the library a lot more than I already do.
  • I would have to be much better with a slide rule than I am.
  • I suspect that I would have more free time.
  • In the USA my standard of living would be higher than it is today (a sad fact supported by data).
  • I could still live in the house I live in today, it was built in 1918.

So, my question is if you could choose a decade to spend your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or whatever, which decade would it be and why? Would you choose the place you currently reside, or would it be in a different city, state, country, continent?

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