Verizon Wireless

I have used Verizon wireless for most of the last 10 years. I used ATT for a few years back when it was the only way to get an iPhone. At the time I was traveling for work, typically in larger cities and so didn’t notice how bad ATT’s coverage is. I started working in Sterling Il and ATT did not work. I got rid of the iPhone and got a droid on Verizon.

Verizon’s coverage has always been very good. The only place I have ever had problems with Verizon is at our new house. The phone coverage is horrible, 3G is non-existent. We installed a signal booster which has helped but isn’t perfect. Additionally the signal booster has to use a broadband connection to function.

Over the holidays we hosted a couple of family dinners. We checked everyones cell phones to see what worked. We had US Cellular, Iowa Wireless, TMobile, Sprint, ATT and Verizon. The only one that didn’t work was Verizon. Even ATT works at the new house.

I decided to cancel our contract with Verizon, citing the relocation for a new job and lack of service at the new house as a reason to waive early termination fees. Unbelievably, this is the inverse of how Verizon’s contract works. You are subject to early termination fees if you have acceptable service at the start of the contract. If you relocate (for any reason) and do not have coverage in the new area you either pay the termination fees or continue paying for your monthly service that doesn’t work.

The early termination fees for the DroidX are fairly large and only decrease by $5/month.

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