The weather in Northern Illinois has been ridiculous. Tuesday morning it was 50+ degrees, Tuesday evening it was snowing sideways. There is snow on the ground now but it is supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny Tuesday. We have had a very light winter, not too cold and very little snow. Unfortunately that typically means the bugs will be very bad this summer.

Received the 2012 Baseball Prospectus yesterday. The predictions for the Cubs are less than stellar as expected. If they can finish at 0.500 (in the weakest division in MLB) it will be a miracle.

I started playing Rugby last week. It is a great game but I have a lot to learn. It doesn’t look so difficult when you are watching, but things on the field happen quickly and it is difficult to stay on top of what is going on. The guys on the team are very supportive though, nobody in this country played Rugby as kids and so everyone was in the same position at some time. I have been playing in running shoes on a muddy field because I don’t have boots (AKA cleats) yet. Having boots should make a big difference.

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