On Vacation

I took a few vacation days to take the kids to visit my parents in Canton Oh. In preparation for the trip I did a lot of the work on my land rover that I have been putting off for a while and it ran like a champ on the way out here. I still need to flush/fill the coolant.

We took the kids to Cedar Point on Lake Eerie for a few days and stayed at The Breakers Hotel on the beach. It was nice. I’m not an amusement park aficionado, I can only compare the place to Six Flags Great America near Chicago, but I thought it was very nice and would recommend it. Today is the last day, I will be driving home tomorrow and going in to work on Friday.

I took the week off from working out. Some people call this de-loading and say it is good to do every few months. I have been working out 5 times/week since rugby season finished in May and so decided to give it a try. I have not met my weight reduction goal for the off-season but have gained 10Lbs of muscle instead. Our first match of the fall season is in 3 weeks. July has been miserably hot and hopefully it will cool down somewhat by the end of August.

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