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I finally got rid of the Motorola droidX and got a new phone. I decided to give the Samsung Galaxy S3 a try. There are plenty of reviews out there that mostly detail what a great phone it is but my mileage has varied. I just wanted to list a couple of observations I have about the phone:

  • Phone – I still talk to people on the phone and it seems that the ability of this phone to maintain signal is less than the droidX and S2.
  • UMS – The S3 does NOT support USB mass storage. When you plug it in to your computer via USB it is not detected as a USB mass storage device and there is nothing that can be changed in the settings to make it work. It seems that this is a new “feature” of Android to try to force the adoption of MTP. But it seems more like a ploy to eliminate microSD cards which will force users to spend more on phones with more internal memory. Whatever the reasons this “feature” it makes transferring pictures and/or files much more difficult than it should be and impossible in some situations.
  • Keyboard – The S3’s keyboard features are not as good as the iPhone or droidX. The S3 does have the swype keyboard but it’s prediction is horrible where the droidX’s prediction was very, very good. The S3 also seems to have an issue with key accuracy (eg. giving an i instead of an o).
  • Size – This is a very big phone. It is nice in terms of display, but is challenging to use with one hand.
  • Display – The display is beautiful indoors, but is very dim and hard to read outside in bright sunlight.
  • Ringtones – Absolute crap as with most new phones. Why can’t we just have a decent collection of rings instead of music samples?

My bottom line is that it is a reasonably decent phone, but I wish I would have waited and got an iPhone5 at this point. It would have synced up with my MBPro flawlessly and the size/shape of it seems to be just about perfect.

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