Bare Knuckle People Management

One of my professional requirements for the year was to read 4 books on management. The selection of books was my choice. My manager let me know that he was required to do the same and had found several very small books that could be read rapidly and he would pass them on to me. I enjoy reading and would prefer to learn something if I am going to commit my time to it and so didn’t take him up on his offer. I combed through amazon instead searching for highly rated books on people management. Bare Knuckle People Management was rated highly and had positive reviews and so I decided to give it a read.

There are plenty of in-depth reviews of this book on amazon and so I won’t develop one. This is a highly entertaining book that provides many laughs and very insightful descriptions on the types of personalities you may have to manage, suggestions of how to deal with each and positive combinations. This book is probably most useful to someone working in a highly diverse environment. However, it does contain something for everyone who manages people and is an amusing read. I recommend it.

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