No Tracking

I’m not a big fan of web tracking or of massively interconnected javascript adds. If visitor data collection were only utilized for serving targeted adds then it wouldn’t bother me. Unfortunately some web sites pass non-anonymous information about visitors on to 3rd parties who then aggregate and sell the information on farther down the chain. I doubt that many web sites actually perform this type of tracking willingly, but it happens automagically through their javascripted web add system.

This web site contains absolutely no tracking whatsoever. I used to utilize google-analytics because I was curious to see how many visitors the site had and where they were coming from. I really don’t need this information and so there is no reason for me to collect and share it with google. I have removed google-analytics from the site. The site has never had adds and never will (beyond my own plugs for consulting services). I may put an old-school hit counter at the bottom of the front page too gauge how much traffic there is, but also because I think they are cool.

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