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I resigned from my position with SGL at the end of October and am now a consultant providing services to the EAF steel industry. I have accomplished more than I thought possible since October. To say I have been busy is an understatement, and the reason that I am posting this 5 months later.

I have written a book “A Pragmatic Guide to Modeling, Control and Optimization of AC EAFs” which is the basis of a training program that I am now offering. The objective is for the training to be more of a mentorship, with trainees conducting an EAF optimization project following the training. Trainees are provided  with unlimited remote support for 1 year following the training in order to mentor them in their optimization projects.

I do not intend to publish the book at this time and it is not for sale independently. It is only supplied with the training program. Version 2 will be completed later this year and provided to trainees that are being supported.

I have developed an Excel based EAF power system analysis tool called ArcViewAC for three phase EAFs and ArcViewSF for six phase EAFs. ArcViewAC has already been successfully applied to several EAFs and exceeded my own expectations in terms of usability and what is possible in an Excel application. The ArcView application is provided as part of the training program.

I have conducted several EAF power system and regulation assessments and found opportunities for improvement in terms of cost, performance and safety at each.

Please complete and submit the contact form if you have questions about the training program or consultation.

In the past I have provided longer form technical articles on this blog. I do not intend to openly publish additional long form technical information at this time. Time that I have available for technical writing will be committed to research and revision of the book in order to provide the highest amount of value to customers.

The book and training program that I have developed provide much more technical information than I have published here. If you require technical assistance, please contact me.

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