Learn To Program – Even If You Don’t Want To

I had to take a course on programming in C for my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. I didn’t want to do it, had no interest in it and struggled. One thing led to another and I became very interested in Linux/Unix and some of the things I learned in the course ended up being useful.

Ironically my first job after graduation was as a full time Software Engineer programming in C. I got the job because of my Linux hobby and ability to program in C. My Software Engineering skills improved rapidly and I learned other languages (ruby, java, perl). It really became enjoyable for me once I got over the initial learning curve and frustration.

Having the ability to write software has enabled me to do things that would not have been possible otherwise. Developing the ArcViewAC application is an obvious example. I’ve gotten more mileage out of my ability to write software than any other tool in my career to date. Learn how to program, it’s worth the effort.

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