Help Wanted

Python Developer – contract basis

Location: Wherever you want to be


  • US military veterans preferred and will be given highest preference. Willing to relax requirements for combat veterans. Please provide DD 214.
  • Chicago area
  • JQuery
  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap

Required Experience:

  • Flask
  • Linux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Matplotlib
  • Bokeh
  • git

Send questions, resume and examples of work to billy at billy bryant dot net.


Flying without pilots

I’ve read a bunch of articles like this one covering pilot-less air travel. There always seems to be a majority in favor of this and no shortage of quotes from people claiming they would be ok with or even prefer flying without pilots. I used to work on aircraft avionics and have a good feel for how often there are problems. There is no way I will fly on an pilot-less aircraft. I suspect the media is skewing things and most of the flying public wouldn’t either.