Android App Draft Blog Posts

I’m on planes a lot without internet access and sometimes want to start or work on a blog post. The WordPress app is great, but used to have issues with saving drafts locally (i.e. without internet access). Nice to see that has been resolved. The way that it works (for android anyway) is that your draft is saved to your phone. Unfortunately it is not automatically uploaded to your blog drafts when the phone is back online. You have to open each locally saved draft and resave it.

Not perfect, but at least it works.

American Exports

What free trade has allowed the USA to export to Poland: unhealthy food and anti-depressant medication.


WordPress 2017 Theme Broken

Unfortunately the front page of this website is a little broken. The parallax feature that scrolls images and text isn’t working anymore and you will only see the text unfortunately. Apparently the theme maintainers made an update at some point and it updates automatically and so broke. Hard to believe considering the number of blogs that probably use this feature. I was advised to find a new theme. Kind of a bummer because I really liked this theme and it fits my needs well and I don’t really have the time to work on a website.