Hacking Out the TPS Reports

If you haven’t seen office space, I suggest you go rent it and you will understand the title of this post. My boss burried me in paperwork today. I did paperwork most of today and will be doing paperwork for the next few days. I know that it has to get done, but I don’t want to be the one to do it.

One of the few good things about working for Lockheed Martin as an engineer was that you were just about completely insulated from the business end of everything. At this job I am completely involved with the business end of every project, and I would rather not be. I would prefer that the boss just tells me what he wants, when he wants it and how much I have to spend. That would work out great.

Nice Weather in Iowa

It finally cooled off yesterday. We were able to open the windows in the house last night and turn the AC off. I can sleep really well in this house with the windows open. We have a 1918 bungalow that has around 60 windows in it. It is a real pain to open or close all of them, but when it is nice outside, this house ventilates like no other house I have ever been in. The master bedroom is on the second floor in the back of the house and has 11 windows in it. When they are open at night I sleep great. It is like sleeping outside.

We are only about a quarter mile from the Mississippi river. There is a lock right at the edge of town. At night you can usually hear the barges blowing there horn as they leave the lock. That is pretty cool. There are also interstate train tracks that go up and down the river. You can hear the train from way up or down the river. The pitch of it changes as it gets closer. Probably seems stupid, but it really sounds pretty cool. We also hear owls a lot here. Other than that, it is pretty quiet.

New Cell Phone

I finally got a new cell phone last week. I have been here for 2 years now, and still had my old cell with a twin cities number. I went ahead and changed the number so that it is local for people here to call me.

I wanted to let the battery die completely this week and it finally did today. Unfortunately I am at work and don’t have a charger for it here. So, this got me thinking about how nice it would be if the phone had a usb port and it could charge over the usb bus like my iRiver does. The next logical step in this progression would be for the phone to actually act like a usb storage device. Then it would be possible to download/upload pictures and any other data between the PC. I could see that being very handy. I guess the only problem with this would be that the phone company wouldn’t make their $0.25 per picture transfer, or whatever they charge, I haven’t transferred any yet.

You would think that the phone manufacturers would build phones like this, I can’t be the only person that wants something like this. I guess they are probably concerned that the providers wouldn’t buy the phones. I was just thinking that it would nice to have a phone that doesn’t suck.

Monterrey Trip

I had to move the trip to Mexico back until the 7th. But, I will be down there for a week, from the 7th until the 14th, so there is a very good chance that we will be going to a soccer game. Probably the Rayados (stripes), they are actually just called Monterrey. There are 2 soccer teams in Monterrey. The other team is called the Tigres. The Tigres are the larger and probably more popular team. The Tigres are in the Copa Libertadores tournament this year.

I will be working quite a bit while I am down there, but I am looking forward to it. Myself and the lead developer for the company that we are working with need to go through the system as much as possible. We have a lot in common, both geeks, both like coding and doing a good job etc. etc. So, we will be working our asses off, eating tortas and tacos and drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages, with few distractions. Should be a good time.

Editing MT Templates

Last night I tried to edit my blogs index.html directly. When I looked at the blog today all of my changes were gone. I didn’t realize that you had to edit the template instead. And, you also need to rebuild the template after you save your edits to it before the changes will show up on your blog.

Editing the template is a pretty straightforward thing. There are some MT tags in there, but it is mostly just html with css.


I got the mt-static stuff to work finally. The stuff that you put into mt-static needs to be a web accessible path. I had

WRONG! DON’T DO THIS StaticWebPath /home/billy/public_html/mt-static

When it should have been

StaticWebPath http://www.billybryant.net/mt-static

Now, all of the icons and everything work. It looks pretty nice. The interface is much better withall of the buttons. All of the buttons work now also.

Sleep Deprivation

Woke up at 0200 again last night. I seem to do that at least once a week and it really messes up the week. I will be tired for the rest of the week now. When I finally did get back to sleep, I really had some wild dreams. I never got back to sleep totally, so they were those dreams where you are half awake and half asleep. But, I didn’t have much control over the dream unfortunately, it could have been fun.

Somehow I managed to get up at 0500 and work out. Doing squats at 0500 really sucks. But if I don’t do it in the morning, it will never happen.

Going Down South

Looks like I am going to Mexico again. I will probably be down there about a week this time. This will be my 3rd time in Monterrey. We usually stay at the Presidente’ hotel. It is very nice. I don’t feel like I have taken enough pictures when I have been down there the last 2 times, so I will try to rectify that on this trip. If things work out, we may be able to catch a soccer match. That would be so excellent.

Thinking about eating tortas and tacos is making me hungry already.

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend went by in a flash. I was able to get a few things done this weekend. I finihsed the octagon table. I finally got the porch windows painted. I read a couple chapters out of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. It was really hot again. I should have taken a picture of the thermometer. It was ridiculous, like 105, and humid. I came back to the Mid-West to escape the heat of phoenix.

Back to work tomorrow. Bummer.