I am an Electric Arc Furnace power and controls system specialist. I have modeled, analyzed and optimized the power and arc regulation systems of every variant of EAF conceivable including six phase smelting furnaces. I am experienced with most of the modern EAF arc regulation systems in service.

I have written a book titled “A Pragmatic Guide to Modeling, Control and Optimization of AC EAFs” which details the improvement process that I have developed and applied to many EAFs globally, resulting in performance improvements and reduction of operational cost. The book is the foundation of a training and mentorship program that I offer with the ArcViewAC EAF power system analysis software. ArcViewAC is an Excel application that provides three phase power and regulation system analysis of AC EAFs.

I am very experienced with power quality problems created by EAF operation, primarily voltage flicker but also stabilization of the medium voltage and harmonics. ArcViewAC provides support for analysis of power quality issues caused by EAF operation.