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Since I bought the land rover, I have been wondering where to go trail riding in Iowa. One thing that really sucks about Iowa is that most of the land is private, as opposed to western states, where most of the land is public. I haven’t found anyplace to go offroading yet. Northern Illinois is basically the same. When I was a kid growing up there I would just drive my truck out into someones field without asking. I am a little older now, and of course more respectful of private property. I hated living in Phoenix, but man there is a lot of off-roading opportunities in Arizona.

Iowa recently stopped subsidizing 89 octane 10% ethanol fuel. It was pretty cool, because you could by 89 octane gas for less than the 87 octane junk. Unfortunately the land rover wants premium, so I am stuck paying for the $3/gallon 93 octane stuff. Good thing that I don’t have far to drive to work.

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